Students with disabilities / SEN

Students with disabilities / SEN


To express their needs and challenges they encounter in the school. They should be active participants in the process of improving educational conditions and programmes. They should be able to express themselves freely, share their ideas and be involved in the educational process.


They can highlight the needs and challenges faced by children with disabilities. They can be involved in campaigning for better awareness, support and protection of the rights of children with disabilities, participating in consultations and negotiations with the school and other stakeholders.

SEN can be experienced by children who face various difficulties in their learning due to:

Sensory impairments (visual or hearing impairment);

  1. Physical disabilities;
  2. Mental retardation;
  3. Speech-language impairment;
  4. Specific learning difficulties;
  5. Emotional or behavioural difficulties;
  6. Communication and communication disorders;
  7. Chronic illnesses that lead to SEN;
  8. Multiple disabilities