Journalists and media

Journalists and media


You will represent journalists and media affected by the Suppression and Restriction of Expression Act. Discuss the challenges you face in covering events under the restrictive measures (make them up). Consider innovative approaches preserving journalistic integrity while navigating with the regulatory (legal) framework. Propose strategies to protect press freedom and broadcasting while taking into account national security considerations.


Reveal the truth and investigate violations:

Journalists must continue to uncover the truth and investigate human rights violations, corruption and restrictions on freedom of expression. They can examine and document cases of censorship, intimidation and violations of media freedom and publish them in order to bring them to light.

Creating cooperation:

Journalists and media outlets can connect and create collaborative networks with other media organizations, both at home and abroad. They can share information, experience and resources to support each other in uncovering the truth and fighting censorship.

Building public opinion and awareness:

Journalists and the media can play an important role in building public opinion and raising awareness of freedom of speech. They can organize education campaigns, public debates and events to inform citizens about the importance of freedom of speech and the consequences of censorship.