European values for the future for SEE region

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The pandemic made 2020, the year in which forced many people to sit at home, it was a short end of the hectic daily life, whole cities were left desolate. Some businesses closed, others moved to work from home, and others were on the front lines.

This gave people the opportunity to look at their everyday life and ask themselves what they can do better and how they can get out of the situation. Innovative methods have been invented to keep people socially connected like online discos, transparent masks, shaking hands, which is actually touching the elbow and others in order not to completely lose connection, which is part of nonverbal communication – after all, the man is a social individual and this favors his existence.

This being said, the emphasis was on online events, training, and meetings through platforms such as Google meet & Zoom, which made communication easier. In the past few days, from November 5 to 10, an International Youth Conference was held for the 18th consecutive year, with the working title “European values for the future for SEE region”.

The conference, although online, managed to unite the participants, and all the time they interacted with each other, actively asking questions. The online environment did not stop the people commit to the process, in reality, the opposite happened – they were even more motivated. This proved that when you do something that is important to you and you believe in the idea that you are the key to the improvement of the environment, physical distance does not matter.

The event focussed on topics, which are in favor of young people – education, the effects of the virus – to the economy and to the society, mental health and health care, racism and discrimination, fundamental human rights and EU values, cross-border cooperation, sustainability, and green economy, youth participation and last but not least employment and living standards.

Discussions revealed common problems that participants found to be valid in most of the countries. For this reason, the working groups, which were organized on days 4 and 5 from the conference, developed recommendations for dealing with each of them.

You can find the conference file attached to this article –

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